Lord Darius

lord darius


RAZZA: Irish Cob

ANNO: 2013

ALTEZZA: 1.38 m



Pssm Free 

Colors Test : aa Ee SB1 


Lloyds x Posches Mare 

Lloyds : 

The JF Stallion – Snow Queen 

Tom Dooleys Black Horse –Dooleys Peach Mare – Old Henry Horse – A Moulden Whitw Face Mare – The Sham.

Poshes Mare :

The Producer –Eddy Daughter – The Road Sweeper - Bobby Rayfields Good Mare –The Trolley Cob –Fondation Mare UK- The Coal Horse – Fred Walker Mare – Old Henry Palace Horse Limerick Black Mare –UK Ffoundation TWO Bob Blue –Fondation Horse Uk 

Gypsy Vanner Foundation Stok – Blk Tobie.